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    qylnen1Teamwork Philosophy: Unification for Development and Innovation
    The teamwork philosophy "Unification for Development and Innova-tion"embodies the highly uniform value of the employee and the enterprise, and reflects the common value and pursuit of all staff.
    Exploration and Development Philosophy: Looking for Great Pro-spect and Constructing Great Gas Field
    Exploration and development is the foundation of oil and gas in-dustry and also the precondition for great development and great stride of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company. The purpose of establishing the exploration and development philosophy of "looking for great prospect and constructing the great gas field" is to pay great attention to the exploration of key target forma-tions in Sichuan and Chongqing oil and gas areas, and to build Southwest oil and gas field into the most powerful natural gas industry base in China through the joint efforts of all staff.
    Science and Technology Philosophy: Counting on Science and Technology to Promote Development
    Scientific & technological progress and innovation is the decisive factor in economic development. Only by strengthening the scientific research and innovation, speeding up the implementation of new process,and new technology, optimizing the allo-cation of scientific and technological resources, and constantly improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise through making breakthroughs in oil and gas exploration and development technology, can we realize the sustainable, effective, rapid and coordinative development of southwest oil and gas field.

    Marketing Philosophy: Integrity and Faith for Mutual Benefit
    The basic idea and guiding principle for marketing in PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Compnay is: To pay close attention to the market change, constantly optimize the gas supply structure, make great efforts to meet users' needs, return the society and custo-mers with the best service and the best quality, and realize the multiple winning situation among the enterprise, the user and the society.
    Learning Philosophy: Giving up Learning is Giving up Oneself.
    Knowledge changes the fate, and study helps one's career. Learning is no longer a task for certain stage of life, but a lifelong behavior. No matter for an enterprise or an employee, giving up learning is giving up the initiative of competition and the oppo-rtunity for development.
    Human Resources Philosophy: Hope to the Willing, Stage to the Capable, and Future to the Successful.
    Talent is the first resource and the first element of production and operation for any enterprise. Our company will attract the best talents with the developing career, introduce the optimal talents with the best environment, and retain the most needed talents with the best mechanism. We will strive to recruit all kinds of talents, to place them at suitable positions, and to give full play to their competence.
    Honesty and Uprightness Philosophy: Honesty and Compliance, Integrity and Diligence
    Quality Philosophy: Product as One's Personality, Quality as One's Life.
    Oil and gas are special products transported to hundreds of thou-sands of households through the processes of drilling, production, purification, gathering and transportation. Every drop of oil, every cubic meter of natural gas, and every oil and gas project represents the sincerity and reflects the professional morale and self-cultivation of the petroleum personnel. Quality products symbolize the responsi-bility of PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company for society and users
    Health Philosophy: Start Caring the Staff while They Are still Healthy
    People-orientation and caring about the health represent the signif-icant change of modern enterprise management. Taking into account of the physical and psychological health of staff when making the development strategy of the enterprise is the biggest concern of and return to the employees.

    Safety Philosophy: Making the Greatest Effort to Prevent the Least Possible Safety Incident.
    We will abide by the peoplecentered safety principle, and implement the safety principle of "Making the Greatest Effort to Prevent the Least Possible Safety Incident." throughout the whole process of production and operation management. We will change from passive prevention to proactive precaution, so as to kill the accident in the cradle.
    Environmental Philosophy: Creating the Harmony between Energy and Environment.
    PetroChina Southwest Oil and Gasfield Company has been implementing the policy of harmonizing the relationship between energy development and environmental protection.While developing oil and gas resources, we pay great attention to the ecological environment. We strive to maximize the economic,social and environmental benefits of resources, and to promote the harmony between human and nature, energy and environment.