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    PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company has eight natural gas purification plants, with daily gas processing capacity of over 20 million cubic meters and annual output of industrial sulfur of 65,000 tons. They are located in Changshou of Chong-qing, Dianjiang, Qijiang, Quxian, Suining, Jiangyou, Zigong, and Wanzhou, wherein Chongqing Natural Gas Purification Plant is China’s largest natural gas purification plant.
    Long March brand sulfur won national silver prize and titles of high quality product of the Ministry of Chemical Industry, famous brand in Sichuan, famous brand in Chongqing and so on. The product is widely used in acid, dyes, rubber products, agriculture and explosives industries, especially food and pharmaceutical industry. Long March brand sulfur is the best in China currently. All indicators are far better than the national standard GB2449-92. Each bag is 50 kg in weight and it is packed in plastic woven bag.
    With China's western development strategy and implementation of West-East Gas Transmission Project and with the high-sulfur gas field development in eastern Chongqing and eastern Sichuan, sulfur output will reach over 400,000 tons. Long March brand sulfur is sold to more than 40 domestic provinces and cities and exported to Southeast Asia.